Abstract work on paper, acryl, ink, ca. 70x100 cm
Abstract work on paper,  70x70 cm
Oil, acryl on canvas, 100x100 cm
Oil, ink on canvas, 80x100cm
Oil on canvas, 80x100 cm
Oil and acryl on canvas, 100x100cm
Ink, acryl on paper, ca. 70x100cm
Ink, acryl on paper, 70x100 approx
Ink, acryl on papér, 70x100cm
Oli and acryl on paper, 70x100 cam approx
Oil and acryl on paper, 70x100 cm
Oil, acryl, ink on paper 70x100 cm
Acryl, ink on paper, 90x125 cm
Acryl, pigments on paper, 100x140cm